Supply Chain

We entertain the notion that a chain is as strong as the weakest link. We therefore have a strong Supply Chain department that can consult with clients as to the optimization of your particular Supply Chain, your processes and procedures, your possible weak links and how to rectify your problems. In conjunction with this, we also offer a analytical and expert service on your marketing and how you are perceived by clients and suppliers in the market place.


As already mentioned, we have partnered with some of the biggest Logistical service providers that assist with “across the road, across the border, across the globe” solutions. Our partners are experts in heavy loading and no job is to big or to small. We can take care of your transport needs, or just assist with paperwork when you utilize your own vehicles.

We understand the need for optimum performance, and we are building our company on the following credo:

“.... Service Delivery is a way of life. There are no Service Delivery Departments; it is what we do and what comes naturally...”

We specialize in three industries.


We have a reputable Supplier Base that enable us to quote you on generic as well as OEM. Through our international partners, it is possible to source globally, in order to get the best product and best price. Although we specialise in Mining, Agriculture and Environmental/ Social Responsibility mainly for Africa requirements, we can source for other industries (such as hotels and schools or universities) as well. We have handled multi-million dollar Capex projects, but we do not neglect the small orders.


For the past eight years we have been working with various mining operations in Africa as well as Asia Pacific and Russia. In Africa we have been operating in Mali (gold mine), Ghana (various gold mines), DRC (copper), Liberia (iron ore), Burkina Faso (gold), Mozambique (coal). We are currently operating also in Guinea (gold) and Namibia (steel supply- not mining related).

We have sourced Caterpillar spares and dog food, stationery and PPE, high value monitoring equipment and kitchen equipment, linen and furniture. Although we do not specialize in any commodity, any requirement that you, our client need on site, is treated as an item we specialize in. We specialize in Service Delivery.




Due to shifting weather patterns, unstable political situations and ever increasing food prices world-wide, we are now looking at offering agricultural solutions in the way of hard-working, sturdy farming implements and machinery that can be easily operated and maintained. These machines come with the strategic spares and we can also source seeds and fertilizer.


With ever depleting fossil fuels and the cost of electricity and water, we are very conscious of using alternative types of energy. We are constantly updating our supplier base with interesting and ongoing projects that will alleviate the burden on essential fuels and to lessen the footprint of using and creating harmful carbon emissions. We strive to a “green’ environment where possible.

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